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Building Love

By Elaine Ashford

Can a small town capture this cosmopolitan’s heart?

“He’s cute, sure, but is that enough?”

Flipping old houses is just a hobby for computer programmer Andre Grignot, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to neglect the details. When his latest purchase needs a perfect set of built-in shelves, he calls in a real expert: master carpenter Devin Wallace. Between his good looks and his perfect work, Andre’s ready to fall head over heels. The only trouble is that he’s still technically this guy’s boss!

“I’m ready to settle down, but is he?”

Devin’s just a small-town boy with steady hands and a good eye, which makes it hard not to notice that his new employer is seriously hot. Soon sparks are flying, and Devin’s thinking long-term, but is this romance just a flash in the pan? Andre seems to have taken to life in Oak Hill, and Devin can’t help hoping that he wants to stay, but he’s been burned before by summer boys who never stay.

“Our lives have been so different, can we really find a place in the middle to come together?”

When Devin finds out about Andre’s plan to sell the Oak Hill house and move on, his heart comes close to cracking. Can these two find a place that’s all their own, or was it never meant to be forever?

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