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Love On Tap

By Elaine Ashford

A handsome savior…

When the hottest bartender he’s ever seen rescues Kai from the worst possible first date, Kai can’t believe how lucky – or how embarassed – he is.

A hottie who needs saving…

Bartender Mason’s been harboring a crush on Kai since the first time he’d ever walked into his bar. After he throws out Kai’s awful date, the two of them start growing closer together. It’s perfect, and Mason can’t quite believe it’s real.

And someone whose only goal is to ruin it all.

Someone’s following Kai, and he’s only getting bolder. It’s hard to let love grow with a shadow looming over it, but how can Mason protect Kai against someone he can’t find? Is this hard-won happiness about to be ruined, or will things come to a head just in time?

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