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Help Me to Stay

By Elaine Ashford

The goal is in sight…but they might need an assist.

Facing off…

Hockey player Ryan is home for the off-season. He’s hated Tad since high-school, but his dog hurts his paw and the guy’s become the only vet in town – as well as smoking hot. One apology and a few drinks later, Ryan and Tad are well on their way to making up for lost time.

In the zone…

It’s a perfect summer romance to take Ryan’s mind off work! Even their dogs get along! Ryan knows he’s falling for the sexy vet…but he also knows he’s about to be traded. How can he commit when he could wind up anywhere?

On thin ice…

Tad’s feelings for Ryan are equally serious, but he’s fed up with his hunky hockey player leaving things up in the air. Can love keep the two of them grounded, or will their relationship vanish in the fall?

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