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Image of You

By Elaine Ashford

If it looks this good, can it be real?

A prize on the line…

Photography student Piotr needs a model to help him win five grand, and straight-boy Josh seems like the perfect choice. As emotions rise in the studio, these two grope their way to a more personal relationship…and get closer to that prize photo.

Tension in the dressing room…

Josh’s rowing crew isn’t too impressed by this modelling gig…or how gay Piotr seems. Josh can’t tell them what’s really going on, but if his photo’s hanging in public, how can he hide it?

Can this culture clash find its way over troubled waters?

The prize is too near for Piotr to leave the chase, but Josh’s secrets are tearing him up inside. Can they find their balance, or was that image of their love just a mirage?

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