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Two Week Boyfriend

By Elaine Ashford

What do you do when you’re fake-dating the one guy you really want?

A Humanities major with an empty wallet …

Keith wants a fake boyfriend … just long enough to trick some cash out of a research study. But when the cutie he barely knows volunteers for the job, it’s hard to remember they’re just pretending.

A hot science geek with a secret …

Ben has been crushing on Keith from a distance, so he jumps at the chance to not-really-date him. But when they start spending time together, the feelings he develops for his pseudo-boyfriend are all too genuine.

Fake dates … but a real deadline

Their friends think the whole thing is hilarious — but Keith and Ben aren’t amused by their relationship limbo. Can they figure out what’s going on between them before the study ends, or will they be stuck pretending to be just friends?

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